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What to Expect

The Resort at Marble Hill is the perfect place to enjoy the best diving in Roatan. The clear waters and excellent visibility make it a true underwater wonderland. Divers of all levels can enjoy the beauty and wonder of the world's 2nd barrier reef, making it the perfect place to dive into an unforgettable experience.

Whether you're looking to get up close and personal with the amazing marine life, or simply taking the stunning views from afar, we have a dive site for everyone!


Discover a New World

Our scuba dive sites give you the opportunity to discover a world of natural beauty, swimming through canyons with beautiful coral formations as well as caverns full of life that will open your eyes to a whole new world of adventure. While exploring, you will encounter amazing aquatic creatures and discover an entire universe filled with colorful marine life and quirky ocean dwellers.


Resort Diving

Scuba diving at The Resort at Marble Hill is truly an adventure that never ends. Roatan is known for its clear waters and diverse marine life. According to our expert instructors, our dive sites will offer breathtaking views that will allow you to have completely different perspectives of the Earth. You'll feel like you've entered another dimension as you explore the vibrant underwater world. By taking that descent, you will broaden your horizons at The Resort at Marble Hill. During your scuba diving adventure, you will have the opportunity to actually breathe underwater, feel weightless and see incredible marine species.


Diving Experts' Thoughts

Diving will allow you to see and experience things that cannot be found in any other way. In fact, according to an article published by PADI, diving can change the way you see things entirely.


"You are somewhere between nervous and excited. You put on your mask. You start to breathe through your regulator and descend. To your amazement, you realize that you have entered another dimension. All your life, you looked at the surface of the ocean and thought it was a mirror. But now you see it is really a portal. How could you not have known this world existed?" -PADI


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How would you like to explore the underwater world? We'll take you through the best dive sites on the serene northeast coast of Roatan to experience the world's 2nd barrier reef. You'll be blown away by The Resort at Marble Hill's dive sites.


Take full advantage of your stay with us and explore our exclusive locations; led by experts of the island, with certified staff that can inspect your gear and ensure you're good to go. You can just relax and enjoy every minute underwater. Expect top notch operations with informative instructors from our team who are happy to share their knowledge about this beautiful island that we call home.


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Explore one of the most popular Roatan diving destinations in the Caribbean. Located in The Bay Islands, Roatan, The Resort at Marble Hill (formerly Marble Hill Farms) is just under 30 acres of tropical gardens and breathtaking ocean views. Divers have access to the quieter side of Roatan's northeast coast and multiple dive sites customized to your level of experience.