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Considering the RESORT at MARBLE HILL was originally built upon a working farm, producing our own diary should come as no surprise. Our dairy production will take place within walking distance of our flag ship restaurant: how is that for farm fresh? Imagine the possibilities of locally owned, sourced and produced cheeses of all varieties. Dream about handmade small batch ice creams … traditional and soft serve. Enjoy the freshest milk and butter on the planet in every MARBLE HILL entrée and dessert. This is not about just the best options on Roatan, but the Caribbean as a whole.

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The Resort at Marble HIll Logo

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Explore one of the most popular Roatan diving destinations in the Caribbean. Located in The Bay Islands, Roatan, The Resort at Marble Hill (formerly Marble Hill Farms) is just under 30 acres of tropical gardens and breathtaking ocean views. Divers have access to the quieter side of Roatan's northeast coast and multiple dive sites customized to your level of experience.