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Interview with Josh White, the Resort Owner (Part 1 of 3)

From world-class diving to upscale dining, Caribbean adventures await at the Resort at Marble Hill! This week we're sitting down with Josh White as he offers a glimpse of what to expect from the newly renovated resort. Continue reading to learn more about our farm to table dishes and on-site Caribbean adventures!

Below is the video transcription.

Today we're sitting down with Josh White, the owner of the resort at Marble Hill. Josh, tell me more about the resort and how it has totally transformed under new ownership.

You know, there's a few things in life that you just can't take a picture of and describe it. There’s even a smaller group of things that you can't even take a video of it and really get an understanding of it from a video. There are just certain things that you just have to experience. It's the struggle that I have when people ask me about the resort, and I want them to come because I can't put it into words how beautiful it is. [The Resort at Marble Hill] is just an amazing place- it's like Disney World for grown-ups.


What is your inspiration or your vision for the resort?

I love good food, I love a good culinary experience, and I love diving. I've loved diving my whole life. I love good music, and I love adventure- doing stuff that I've never done before.


Could you tell us more about how you're trying to keep that concept alive, and how that works with the high-end experience you've created here?

The property used to be a farm- it’s a little under 30 acres. It's a massive property. It started as a farm 15 plus years ago. I've taken that farm concept, and I've gone way farther. We turned the production garden area into a MASSIVE production garden area. 20,000+ plants, fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs. We have hydroponics probably going to introduce aquaponics here soon as well. But we have some amazing farm to table ingredients. And when you first talk about food, you really need to understand where the ingredients come from.

Good ingredients equal good food. So, if you start with great, fresh, ingredients, that's what makes an amazing culinary experience. And you know what I'm talking about if you've ever been out to a farm and you had a bite of a tomato or a bite of an apple or something that was fresh right off the tree, right off the vine, right off the plant, right out of the ground. So, when you're talking about fresh ingredients, we've got the garden, fresh fruits, vegetables, you've got the Creamery.

The Creamery

Where do you get fresh cheese, butter, milk, cream, ice cream? We have specific breed dairy cows on the property that were bred just for us. We do all kinds of great flavors with that ice cream from that cream- that's how we make some amazing artisanal butters.

Then we're going into the cheeses that we're doing. Of course, we're going to do the Latin style cheeses, the queso, the manchengos, the American style cheese, of course, American, cheddar, Colby Jack, and God bless cream cheese. European, all the fetas, the provolones, the parmesans, these amazing cheeses. And there's a huge difference, if you know what I'm talking about. There's a huge difference from getting this stuff at the store to getting this stuff fresh from the farm. It makes a massive difference in the quality.

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Explore one of the most popular Roatan diving destinations in the Caribbean. Located in The Bay Islands, Roatan, The Resort at Marble Hill (formerly Marble Hill Farms) is just under 30 acres of tropical gardens and breathtaking ocean views. Divers have access to the quieter side of Roatan's northeast coast and multiple dive sites customized to your level of experience.