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The Best Conditions for Beer

Interview with Ted Miller- Brewmaster at The Resort at Marble Hill
In order to craft the perfect Caribbean beer, a Brewmaster needs to start by testing the water. Ted Miller is pleasantly surprised after reading the water results, and tells what we can expect to find on tap at the Resort at Marble Hill.

Below is the video transcription.

I'm Ted Miller, the consulting Brewmaster on this project down here.

Importance of Water Quality in the Brewing Process

Water excites brewers quite a bit. So, we get real geeked out on water. So, hearing about the project for the first time, of course, that's the first thing I do. Right? I start thinking about water. And what I was expecting was reverse osmosis water, and that's expensive. So basically, with your R.O. water, you're starting with water. There are no minerals, there's no nothing. Right? So then, we as brewers have to build it back up with minerals. And that changes based on the style of beer we're doing.

The Best Surprise

Well, it turns out we sit on these giant aquifers. That's super exciting, like beautiful, beautiful, clean, water. Just like Indiana. In Indiana- All that rainwater goes through all that limestone. It ends up in these springs and underwater aquifers and things, and you end up with very hard water. Well, that's fine if you're going to make an English Pale Ale. Right? Well, here we pull this water up, get it sent away, and get the results. And my shock and utter love of this water when I see the report- was pretty beautiful, soft, water for Pilsners. It's pretty much identical to Czech Republic water. Coincidentally, there's a very large Czech population here, and the manager of the resort is Czech. So he was super thrilled, too when I told him that story.

What to Expect on the Menu

So then that water and menu development. Now, I knew immediately Bohemian Pilsner was coming onto this menu. And that really works out here with, like I said, a friend of mine has a brewery in St. Thomas. And his most popular beer, he named after what is basically the same thing here is 86 and sunny. Bohemian Pilsner is perfect for 86 and sunny! Yeah-so the water thing is really great for me. And then I can build it up. Like I said, I can build some of that hardness up and some of these mineral things up for other beers that accentuate hops, that kind of thing.



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