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Dive Site Spotlight: S3

Dive Site Spotlight: S3 (Part 3 of 5)

Add some adventure to your vacation by exploring one of our dive sites! Discover MORE at the world’s second largest barrier reef with our master scuba instructors as they take you through EXCLUSIVE sites.

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What to Expect

If you're looking for an adventurous dive, S3 (also known as Mongoose) is one of our most popular dives.
Unlike a cave, this cavernous space is large and open to the surface, with a fringing reef at the top, allowing light to stream in.

You'll begin the dive inside of the Reef and continue through the cavern to a second mooring on the outside. Along the way, you can expect to see many exotic sea creatures. During the dive, you'll swim with Barracuda, lobsters, midnight parrotfish, snappers and moray eels.

The maximum depth is 80ft, although the majority of the cavern is shallower, around 40 to 60ft. This dive site is considered intermediate difficulty.

After weaving through S3 and swimming with wildlife, you'll charter back to the dock. You'll be greeted by the tantalizing smells of fresh food being prepared at our dockside grill. Satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst with a seaside lunch. Whether you decide to explore more dive sites or spend the rest of your day relaxing at the resort, your vacation will be unforgettable.

Depth: The maximum depth is 80 feet -although the majority of the cavern is shallower (40-60 feet).

Difficulty: Intermediate


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