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Island Influences at the Brewery & Distillery

Interview with Ted Miller- Brewmaster at The Resort at Marble Hill

The Resort at Marble Hill offers a one-of-a-kind, upscale rustic experience. Our brewery and distillery will embody that by featuring ingredients found around the Caribbean, specially crafted for our guests.

Below is the video transcription.

I'm Ted Miller, the consulting Brewmaster on this project down here.

If you know nothing about beer, but you want to learn something about beer, as long as I'm here, and I've always been like this, as long as I'm here and you know I'm not actively brewing, I'll answer any question. I'll give you a tour, I'll teach you anything you need to know about beer, anything you want to know as far as you want to go. I'll do whatever I can to help.

Setting up the Brewery

As far as timeline, I'm waiting for some pipe to arrive from Mexico. When that gets here, I'll be about ready to go. And then we'll do what's called water brews, where we pretend like we're brewing beer, but we don't use any ingredients. We just use water. But we make sure everything works, and all the motors work, and the pumps work, and the mixers work, and all the temperatures are right, and valves are opening and closing. We've got this pretty fancy brewery with a PLC touch screen thing where I'm turning pumps on with the computer. So we'll get all that working, we'll do that twice, and then we'll brew beer!

TIME: Brewing vs Distilling

So, I can go up there to that. When it's operational here, I can go up to that brewery and make a beer in 6 hours, right? Or everything that I can do. And then it's nature, right? And there's only six tanks up there. So that means I have six days of brewing beers. Now, we're at a minimum two weeks away from doing anything with it. So during those two weeks, I'll be monitoring stuff up there, but I can't really do a whole lot. So back to that motorcycle and the water thing, which will be just great.

The spirits thing; Now we're talking years- for the whiskey and the rums and the tequila and things like this. All of the good barrel-aged stuff. So the vodka and the gin, that'll be immediately available. Vodka for me, it'll be great to use here on the island in cocktails. Vodka is not a drink by itself kind of thing, really for me. Gin, however, is a fast turnaround sort of thing. And a lot of that is because it's basically vodka with botanicals. They'll be the same recipe, but we'll just use the gin basket on the gin side. I will certainly find some stuff from here that's going to find their way into gin.

Gin, traditionally, Juniper is always in it, Acacia bark is almost always in it, Coriander seeds are almost always in it, And then you go from there. So we'll just play around with that, and find a lot of things here that we can put in there to add complexity to it. Orange peels, and Soursop peels, and lemon peels, and lime peels, and that kind of stuff. Grains of Paradise. Lots of things that find their way into some of our beers will also be in that gin, right? Because I've got this stuff too. Grains of Paradise is a good example that will be in our Witbier.

Ingredients Inspired by Marble Hill

Right here, on the property itself, You have Hog plums, which are sort of this little edible fruit. They're kind of a pain, which is why you need a whole ton of them and then you'll juice them. You don't really eat them as a fruit. It's always juice because they've got these giant seeds in them with a little tiny bit of pulp around it. But we'll gather a whole bunch of those up and make juice and then that will find its way into beer for sure. Soursops, here on the property. Hundreds of them. So those will definitely make it and also juice. Those will make their way into beer. Tamarind is here. I can see that finding its way into- not just beer but maybe some other things we're doing down here, like on the food side, like cheese. Or it might find its way into some sort of rum, or gin, maybe even- who knows? So that's kind of the stuff that's just natural here.

They also have this really great hydroponic farm and all these herbs so there's definitely going to be some of these herbs finding their way into beers. I don't really have a list of what they're growing over there, but I'm definitely stealing some.

That's how successful people and things and projects work- is that you take the resources available to you and you make the best thing you can with them, and then you get to experience that. And that's what they're doing here. And it's so cool because this place, when it's done- you've got a brewery brewing the most modern craft beers out there on a system that is about as modern as they come, and incorporating local stuff. You've got a distillery doing the same thing. You've got a giant 16-foot Texas smoker. Right? There's pizza ovens in here, There's baking ovens with moisture added, you know- This place is crazy how good they can be. And I think they're going to be, that's super exciting.


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