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Located in Roatan, Bay Islands, the RESORT at MARBLE HILL  is surrounded by scenic ocean views and offers diving fanatics access to the second-largest reef system in the world. Guests at our resort enjoy a peaceful, laid-back Caribbean experience far away from the busier side of the island.

Whether you take a relaxing walk on one of our trails, spend the day diving, or sit on your deck and do nothing, your vacation will be unforgettable. Our amazing staff is here to help you make the most of every moment during your stay!

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Services and amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • King size beds
  • Private deck on each room
  • Air conditioning in each room
  • Full list of accommodations>> 
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The airport on Roatan is the Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport (code RTB). To fly to Roatan directly from the U.S., there are direct flights from Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, and Houston via Delta, United, or American Airlines.

A passport is required for travel to Roatan. 

Find more information about Roatan travel here.

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CUSTOMS and currency

 Upon arrival in Roatan, you'll go through customs and present your COVID-19 record(s) and immigration pre-check paperwork

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The currency in Roatan is the Lempira but U.S. currency is widely accepted.

*Please ensure US dollars are newer or do not have any rips or tears, as some vendors may not accept them.


Transportation to The RESORT at MARBLE HILL is available directly from airport! Please reach out to our staff prior to your visit to ensure we're there on time to pick you up!

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Things to do

Although The RESORT at MARBLE HILL is secluded from the busier side of the island, we are in close proximity to local shops and popular destinations for tourists. Our staff can help you plan your adventure if you choose to leave the resort to enjoy other areas of the island.

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Like most of the Caribbean, Roatan has a tropical climate with plenty of sunshine.  The hottest months are during the summer when the average temperature is approximately 90 degrees.
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thomas bain
thomas bain
Good morning dear friends. As luck would have it, I have chanced upon a most wonderful oasis, namely Marble Hill. Whereas the cabins are pristine and Impeccably kept, the views, breathtaking, and the amenities, extensive. It is far and away the most particularly attentive staff whom is bedazzling. Never have I met such detail oriented and at once charming group of individuals. From the driver unto the Manager, the owner, unto the gardener. It feels as though one were their most cherished relative. I adore them one and all. Do I recommend a visit unto Marble Hill? Well, if pressed to offer a "star" rating... Let me just say, look unto the sky upon a clear night. This is the star rating I offer. Cheers guys! I miss you already!! Thomas Bain Toronto, Canada
Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins
I absolutely love this place it's absolutely awesome food diving everything
Joshua White
Joshua White
Beautiful place. It's incredibly hard to put something like this into words or even a picture or even a video. Everything here is amazing, the diving, a true culinary experience. The beer from the brewery is amazing. All of the fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden. Every little detail they have thought of. They're bringing amazing chefs in for consulting. Caribbean diving culinary experience. Beautiful garden.
Andrea Compton
Andrea Compton
Loved every minute of my stay- the food was fantastic, the rooms and views were gorgeous. Diving the second largest Great Barrier Reef was amazing
Amy Beasley
Amy Beasley
Went to Marble Hill Farms for dinner and drinks. I hadn't been there since before the pandemic shut down. What a gem, tucked away in the jungle on the pristine east end of Roatan. It has always been a great place to go for meals, for vacation and for diving, but the imptpvements that have been made since they closed in 2020 are amazing. The place looks even better than before. The new owners have taken this plave to a new level. Do yourself a favor and skip staying on the touristy end of the island and go east to experience real relaxation and experience the real Roatan Island in the jungle on the east end at Marble Hill Farms.
Andrea Compton
Andrea Compton
Love this place, wonderful rooms and views. Beautiful reefs for diving. Very friendly dive staff. Will be back for sure. Can’t wait for the brewery and new restaurant to be open!

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Explore one of the most popular Roatan diving destinations in the Caribbean. Located in The Bay Islands, Roatan, The Resort at Marble Hill (formerly Marble Hill Farms) is just under 30 acres of tropical gardens and breathtaking ocean views. Divers have access to the quieter side of Roatan's northeast coast and multiple dive sites customized to your level of experience.